During the week we meet together in homes around the city to pray, learn, and live life together. Community groups meet most evenings of the week and include one focused on prayer and one designed for the deaf community.

Contact the leaders if you are interested in joining an existing group, and if you’re a member who is ready to host or lead a group, get in touch with us.


Neighbourhood: Main/Broadway
Leader: Madeline and Andrew Chan
Time: 7PM

Neighbourhood: South Fraser
Leader: Andre and Kari Wiens
Time: 7:30PM


Neighbourhood: New West
Leader: Jack and Lucy Grossman
Time: 7PM

Neighbourhood: South Main
Host: Alyssa Harms-Wiebe
Leaders: Melissa and Donald Chan
Time: 7PM


Neighbourhood: Burnaby-Champlain Heights
Leaders: Rudy and Vicki Unger
Time: 7PM


Neighbourhood: Woodland
Leaders: Gareth and Tiffany Jones
Time: 7PM

Neighbourhood: New Westminster
Focus: Deaf Community
Leader: Perry Belleau
Time: 7PM


Neighbourhood: The Chapel
Focus: Prayer Group
Leaders: Ryan and Elyse Sanche, Claudia Quintero
Time: 6PM